5 Alternatives to Cheat Pregnancy Norms

A lot of women feel the need to follow certain normalcies when they’re pregnant, especially if it’s their first child. It’s not enough to have to grow an entire human, but women are feeling the scrutiny more than ever to carry out an “Instagram-worthy” pregnancy. You are out of your comfort zone enough as it is while pregnant; what with your organs being gradually crushed under the mass of your growing belly. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for the approval of society… or our Mother-In-Laws! Here are five ways to get cheat society’s expected pregnancy behaviors:

1. Ditch the Prenatal Horse Pills

Now, I’m not saying to ditch prenatal vitamins altogether. They provide a lot of vital nutrients for your growing peanut, however, you don’t need to choke down those dry prenatal vitamins a doctor might suggest. Before you go sticking the vitamin in peanut butter, or breaking it up into some yogurt like you’d do for a dog, try chewable prenatal vitamins! During my pregnancy, I took VitaFusion’s PreNatal gummies. It’s yummy citrus flavor was actually really easy on my severe nausea and morning sickness, and frankly the fact that it was a gummy made me excited to take it every day.

2. Enjoy A Sushi Night

A lot of people will think it’s their duty to tell you which foods you can and cannot ingest, and without a doubt sushi will be one of those blacklisted foods. This was a total bummer to me, seeing as how I was having sushi at least once a week before I got pregnant. Don’t feel like you need to give up your regular sushi outings, just switch up the order. I liked to order avocado rolls, as well as the deep fried shrimp tempura rolls and baked salmon rolls. Cooked salmon and shrimp are considered acceptable to eat while pregnant, and provide a lot of great nutrients for your baby!

3. You Don’t Need A New Wardrobe

I know when you go to Target, you’re skimming through all of the cute maternity clothes while simultaneously comparing the prices of a dress you may or may not wear more again, to the price of all of the diapers you’re going to have to buy. But you don’t need a new wardrobe! There are plenty of products to help you dress around your growing bump! Including maternity waistbands, where all you have to do is slip the band over those jeans you can’t button. They usually come in a variety of colors as well.

4. Forget the Glow

You, by no means, have to “glow” during your pregnancy. Not everyone looks, or feels, like Kourtney Kardashian when they’re pregnant. A lot of women experience debilitating morning sickness, heartburn, sciatica, constipation, the list goes on. None of these things constitutes having to keep up a glow. Pregnancy albeit a joyous occasion, can kind of suck sometimes, so don’t feel bad about rocking sweat pants and a messy bun three days in a row.

5. Document it… or Don’t!

You may feel as though all facets of your social media are inundated with pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, nude maternity pics (more power to you momma), live streams of the birth, oh my! It may be daunting to attempt to keep up with all of the “pinteresty pics” you see, and I’m here to tell you you don’t have to do it! Your children will not be upset that you didn’t get a picture of a pregnant-you and your partner out in a meadow, frolicking with a deer. Of course if you want those pictures, take them, just don’t do it if you somehow feel pressured to keep up with appearances!