Stop Sweating Sleep: 3 Books for Effective Baby Sleep Solutions

The obsession with sleep when you have a small child is all too real. Parents have an unquenched desire to get their baby to sleep through the night as soon as humanly possible. And what parent wouldn’t? Especially new Moms. Having a child, specifically a newborn, is utterly exhausting. So much of your life is trying to figure out why they’re crying, how to get them to stop, how to get them to sleep, and how to get them to stay asleep. You might be furiously googling, “how do I get my newborn to fall asleep?” or “how do I get my baby to sleep through the night?” at 2 a.m., only to be lead to a slue of online forums where desperate Mothers are trading magic spells their Great Aunt swears by. Toddler sleep is also a beast of its own. You have to know when to drop naps, when an appropriate bed time is. Toddler sleep also involves trying to get them to sleep on their own, and in their own bed. All of this sleep-business can all truly seem like a waking nightmare.

The internet is helpful, and there are definitely a lot of really informative articles and forums to use as reference, however if you’re looking for some long term help– a sleep bible of sorts– you’ll definitely want to have a helpful sleep book on hand….or three. Here are a few books myself, friends, and family have all definitely benefited from:

1. Dr. Robert Bucknam’s, On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep
If you couldn’t tell already, the content is pretty much all in the title. Baby Wise has been a trusted sleep consultant for many years, and has helped a number of exhausted parents create very effective sleep habits in their little ones. This book promotes a regimented eat, wake, sleep schedule that makes everyone in the family happy, especially baby.

2. Dr. Harvey Karp’s, Happiest Baby on the Block
Harvey Karp could very well be considered a baby whisperer. He attempts to help parents understand the biology of a newborn baby, and how daunting this bright new world is to them. He believes in the idea of a 4th trimester, where a young baby’s greatest comfort is feeling as though they are in the womb again. The methods he teaches helps parents calm a distressed infant, and lull them to sleep.

3. Alexis Dubief’s, Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide For Modern Parents
Sleep expert, Alexis Dubief provides several sleep methods to best fit the modern family. She understands that not every family is the same, and each family has unique needs for their baby and it’s sleep patterns. This is the perfect book if you’re looking for more flexible sleep options.

So before you actually call in a sleep doctor, consult one of these books first. You just might find the best sleep solutions for your little one, and yourself as well!