5 Awesome Christmas Gift Swaps For Your Kids

You might have been as overwhelmed as your child was with all of the gifts they received from friends and family this Christmas season. It is also likely that you might have been just a tad annoyed that your kids were gifted certain toys you were trying to avoid all year long. You know the cringey ones, the large inappropriate gifts, and the ones that make way too much noise? Well, don’t fret, if your kids haven’t already ripped open unwelcome toys from their zip-tie restraints, return them and swap them out for a toy with some worth and longevity! Check out a few suggestions for toys both you and your kids will definitely enjoy:

1. A Train Table
A train table is the perfect exchange to make with a bigger gift that you don’t care for. My son can spend hours playing with this. I am definitely not exaggerating when I say hours either. It’s also the perfect gift for siblings around the toddler age.

2. A Balance Bike
Did someone get your kid a bike that was too big? Are you fundamentally against the use of training wheels (I’m not but some people might be, I guess)? A Strider Sport Balance Bike is the perfect gift for the ever-active toddler, or for your daredevil of a 5 year-old. The size is adjustable, and the bike succeeds at teaching your child the importance of maintaining balance before they graduate into a big-kid bike.

3. A Kid-Friendly Tablet
If a friend or family member got your child an iPad, it’s okay to consider return it now, and reconsider your relationship, save the refund for your kid’s college… or a yacht. Kidding of course, there’s nothing wrong with an iPad, but if you aren’t into the idea trade it in for a kid-friendly Fire 7 tablet. It is totally affordable, and has a 2-year guarantee; if the kids break it, Amazon will replace it. It gives your kids access to thousands of education films, games, and audio books. Simple-to-use parental controls give you access to limiting screen time or what kind of content they have access to.

4. Magnetic Building Blocks
Forget your average wooden building blocks, or even the plastic stackables, magnetic building blocks are the way to go. Your kids can build dynamic 3-D structures using all kinds of shapes, not to mention the magnets make for a much easier cleanup. It’s the perfect learning tool, and also a great activity for siblings and parents to join in on as well.

5. Not Your Average Board Game
Some kids, believe it or not, do not have the attention span for a game like Monopoly or even Life. Pop the Pig is the perfect entertaining game for kids ages 4-8. Feed the porker and wait in anticipation for him to pop out all of those burgers… which is a little messed up in retrospect, but hey the kids won’t notice.