Best Equipment For In-Home Workouts

Getting to the gym is hard, and getting to the gym when you have young children is even harder. Gyms can be expensive, it can also be difficult to find child care during the time you’re able to workout, or you might just have no time at all. When it comes to getting a workout in when you have small children, you have to get creative. In-home workouts can be just as effective as going to the gym. To help maximize the efficacy of your in-home workout, there are a few key pieces of workout equipment you can implement into your exercises.

A Medicine Ball 

A weighted medicine balls is a great tool for ab-focused workouts. Adding a medicine ball to sit-ups, Russian twists, V-ups, and more allows for added difficulty and strength training. Medicine balls can actually be purchased in a very affordable set, so that you can change up the weight & difficulty of your workout.

Balance Trainer Ball 

This piece of equipment is sometimes better known as a ‘Bosu Ball’, and is one of the best ways to create a really dynamic workout. You can use the balance trainer ball for legs, abs, obliques, arms… basically your whole body, if you didn’t get where I was going with that.

Kettle Bell 

Kettle bells, like medicine balls, can often be bought in a set of different weights. They are essentially compact, weighted balls equipped with a handle. Kettle bells can make leg day especially challenging, in the best way. Add kettle bells to sumo squats, dead lifts, and jump squats for a powerful leg work out.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, in my opinion, are probably the best piece of workout equipment to have in the line up. They make arm and leg exercises difficult in a very optimal way. They’re a great addition while doing weight training, or just to use by themselves.